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Todd Donk


  • Todd-Erik-Donk

For half his life, Todd was an avid smoker and only recently switched to vaporizing. The alternate to smoking regular cigarettes, vaporizing allows a smoker to enjoy the vapors of an e-cigarette and avoid the multitude of harsh chemicals and potential life-threatening side effects of traditional cigarettes.

As stated on his site,, Todd says: “I have always wanted to go into business for myself, and now I am able to do that and help others along the way! The more you get to know me, (the more) you will understand how passionate I am about this!”

Todd says his family history of health issues increased his need to discontinue use of traditional cigarettes and find a new outlet. Once he made the switch to vaping and experienced the difference, Todd began spreading the word. He noticed he could make a business out of the work he was already doing. Realizing the need for inexpensive, high-quality vapor supplies and accessories in his hometown of Memphis, Tennessee, Todd went to work opening Zooks Vapor.

Beginning his business seven months ago from his own money, Todd hopes to one day open a store and attract more customers and hire a team instead of working alone. Before he can accomplish his next goal, Todd ventured to community partner SCORE, which then referred him to nonprofit microlender Liftfund Now approved, Todd expects to replenish his inventory according to his clients’ wants.

“This loan will help me not dig so much into my pockets to support the business. This will help me make better profits. It allows me to keep doing what I’m doing and allow me to work for myself” Todd says. Without the loan “it would cause me to have to reduce my Christmas inventory plan.”